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Dec 13, 2012 11:00pm EST
and hundreds of businesses call her square mile city their home, which is why we want the most densely populated cities in america. more than new york city. were proud to be one of the most walkable communities in the country we ranked number one in per capita use of public transportation for commuting. for a vibrant urban community filled with hundreds of boutiques, restaurants and outdoor cafÉs. with hurricane cindy was devastating for hoboken. for the first time in history the hudson river spilled into hoboken from the north and the south and western half of her city was flooded. our community center, public works, grouch, three of our four firehouses in 1700 homes were flooded. we estimate the total damage to our community of well over $109. thankfully her main street, washington street did not flood and is again open for business. hundreds of businesses located off her main street were severely flooded. even businesses that did not flood have been severely impacted by one of our principal means of transportation to new york, the past train was flooded has not been restored. many
Dec 27, 2012 11:00pm EST
to talk to cut there. the violence was sweeping the city she was by herself her husband traveled she got a pot full of water and lye and a boil that on the stove and said she was ready. it was interesting to be placed there to feel her there. >> host: by the time you get to the reconstruction reconstruction, anything is possible. one "new york times" reviewer said of machel's ancestors were all playing people who've had no writings or left no property. abandonment, death, poverty and illiteracy and it the vocational sweet story of letting this. is that entirely correct? >> guest: i would not say that. i think one of michelle obama says ant said it best, how did they get by? the american dream was to dream a little at a time. they got married. that was wonderful to read about the period of time after slavery ended when michelle obama great great great grandmother and grandfather lined up with scores of others to have the marriage legalized. there are so many things that were meaningful. it was hard that they seized what they could and move forward. >> host: business owners, property owner
Dec 3, 2012 11:00pm EST
stabilized and moved onto the next community that could use their resources. we sought extra efforts by her first responders and ordinary citizens that help save lives. we had evacuations and queen and county, harper county, baltimore county, baltimore city people of equity from homes. 41 childress established, with dozen citizens in the shelters. bottom line is we can't handle this on our own. to underscore your point senator carper made, we as a nation have come together to communities impacted by these types of events have used federal government and its resources to help bring communities back to where they need to be. we were very much in tune and as disasters have been about parts of our country to be a good neighbor and we need help today. i want to thank president obama for the disaster declaration for maryland. that allows fema to be available for public assistance. we have a request for individual disaster assistance for the individuals impact did. that proposal is still pending. i'll be working with governor o'malley to make sure the individuals impact did by this storm have a st
Dec 17, 2012 11:00pm EST
the hudson her river filled and from the north and the south and more than half of the city was flooded perpetuity center, a public works, firehouse is an 1700 homes were flooded. total damage tata estimated at 100 million fortunately the main street did not lead and is open for businesses but those located off the main street were severely flooded. even those it did not flood have been severely impacted by a principal means of transportation, the train has flooded and has not been restored. many businesses report 60% reduction of business due to the difficulty getting to and from hoboken. some businesses remain closed or are forced to operate at the alternate location. the insurance gauntlet the national flood insurance program is not designed to meet the needs of your been the environment. there is the unfairness in this system that ask congress to try to address. when businesses by property they are forced to purchase flood insurance by the mortgage company but it treats these businesses as if they were basements. if they rent the direct uninsured cost is passed on to the venture. as
Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
relative to one particular city. it my daughter lived there just after college. a graduate program at st. john's. her husband working in queens, and they have a home which is no longer there. they moved out some years before those coastal towns, we need to find ways to protect -- with potential rising sea levels, more serious storms hitting her come and, need to look at ways to mitigate that because we don't want to be back here saying you have to do this all over again. i look forward to hearing from our members and that regard, but also secretary donovan. let me just say, the issue of how we go for and how we balance of the south with the dca in the camps is simple. it will have to work through it. the chair has suggested options. a lot of this is caught up in negotiations going on in the impact. i'm anxious to hear from the second panel as to what if we -- this sequester is applied what it does in terms of their ability to provide the necessary support. with that and will try to move this forward. >> thank you. i am pleased to join. here to tell us what we need to know about the pract
Dec 12, 2012 11:00pm EST
in baltimore -- you have been there many times yourself. you know it is a city known for his row houses, not for its rodeos. kay invited me to come into the rodeo in the astrodome. with i showed up, to her surprise -- well, i showed up, to her surprise. i had little boots on, a cowgirl hat and a vest. she put me in a buckboard and deep in the heart of texas we circled the astrodome together. i was in a buckboard. she was in a pall m palomino neo me. at the end of the evening, i was there munching on barbecue, affectionately called buckboard barb, and that's the kind of thing -- and i have the pictures to show it. they're locked up. i don't widely distribute them much but it was a heck of an evening. i say that because, again, out of that comes great friendships that also lead to smoothing the way, not paving -- actually, not smoothing the way -- paving the way, where we put our heads together to solve our national problems, a understand t and toy where we get the best ideas from a variety of approaches. and at the end of the way, we feel better but america is better off. i'm really -- i
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6